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Rescue bikes.

Recycle Symbol Our bikes come from two sources: personal donations and the town dump. We want the old bikes taking up space in your garage. We want the bikes your kids have outgrown. If you find an abandoned bike in not-too-miserable condition at the dump or elsewhere, please rescue it and let us know. If you are just itching for an excuse to buy a new bike, rest assured that your old one will be put to good use.

Repair bikes.

We grease what's tight and tighten what's loose.

Each bike is stripped down to the ball bearings. Wheels, hubs, bottom bracket, head tube, brakes, cables, gears, pedals, seats, handlebar wraps, you name it, it is taken apart, and cleaned up if possible, replaced if necessary. Occasionally, a bike is sadly beyond hope, so we scavenge usable parts and recycle the rest.
Old bike with new parts
  An old bike all gussied up with the labeled replacement parts.

Give bikes away.

We donate the bikes to local charitable agencies who then give the bikes to adults and children who need them. Choosing individuals is up to the experts at the agencies.

Fixing bikes can be expensive. On rare occasions, we sell donated bikes after repairing them, typically high-quality road or racing bikes not suited to commuting or running errands.  All proceeds are used to buy parts and locks for the more practical bikes we donate to agencies. When deciding whether to sell a bike, we consider these factors:

  • What are the wishes of the original donor?
  • Would selling this bike make it financially possible for us to get more bikes to more people?
  • Would this bike be useful to our clientele?