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We are not choosy. The ideal donation bike is an adult-sized mountain bike without suspension, a hybrid bike, or a beach cruiser in good shape, but we happily accept any bike. Even bikes in poor condition have salvageable parts. Road bikes, the kind with drop down handlebars, are not usually practical for the folks we supply. Sometimes we fix road bikes up for sale, using the proceeds to buy more parts. Email us to arrange for pick up from your Nashua, NH-area home or from a mutually agreeable public location.


We donate our labor, shop space and almost all the parts personally. We typically spend about $20 per bike for parts plus $20 per bike for a lock. Cash donations make it possible for us to provide bikes to more people. Donate via PayPal with the button below, or send a check to John Burkitt, 7A Kingston Way, Hudson, NH 03051. We will provide a receipt but we are not yet an official nonprofit for tax purposes.


Storage Space

Everybody wants a bike in the spring! We would like to work on bikes at a steady pace throughout the year to prepare for seasonal high demand. Unfortunately, we do not have space for the backlog. Please contact us if you have garage, warehouse or barn space we could use in the Hudson/Nashua/Amherst, NH area. A car space or bigger would be great.

Accessories and Parts

Locks are the most important accessories. In addition to locks, we need all kinds of accessories and parts: tubes, pumps, bags, repair kits, lights, reflectors, pants clips, bottle cages, bottles, mirrors, seats, pedals, helmets. Give the bike junk in your garage to a good home. Drop us a line and we will pick it up.